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Hi! My name is Jamie


I am a DONA trained Birth Doula in Louisville, KY and am currently raising three kids, ages 14, 12, and 6, with my husband of 15 years in beautiful Shelby County. I became a Doula in June of 2018 and it is a true passion of mine. I have personally had both natural and medicated birth experiences and I support all births! I believe every birth journey is unique and that's the beauty of your story!

After having a doula present for two of my babies, I quickly developed a passion and knew I wanted to be able to support others going through pregnancy and birth. I also know how challenging the Fourth Trimester can be and I l have such a heart to support moms in navigating through that postpartum season.

I am also super passionate about educating families and empowering you to be an advocate for yourself. I offer in-home birth education, phone support, and consults for families who want the knowledge and prenatal support, but don't necessarily want the full doula labor and birth presence.

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  • In home prenatal sessions
  • Unlimited phone/text support
  • 24/7 On call
  • Assist with Birth Plan
  • Labor and Birth Support


  • In home education sessions offered
  • Unlimited prenatal phone/text support
  • Additional consultations as needed
  • Breastfeeding consult and resources as needed
  • Postpartum consultations offered
  • Home visit and Postpartum care available


How does it work?




Phone Call

During our first conversation, we will establish exactly where you are in your pregnancy and what support you need.

I will prepare a draft of my services that you will be able to approve.


You will receive a draft of our contract that will detail the exact services you will receive, payment schedule, and all of the important information. Deposit is due at this time.

Let's do it!

Now that we have all of the important things in one place we can start working together and get you prepared for your birth or any other support you might need.

Full Doula Package

Pregnancy, Birth, Postpartum

Doula Support includes all of the following:

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Up to 2 prenatal visits

Unlimited telephone and/or email consultation.

Educational information support

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Continuous labor support during birth



postpartum follow up visit to review

birth experience

Partial doula support

prenatal, postpartum support

I offer birth education, phone support, and/or consults for families who want the knowledge and prenatal support, but don't necessarily want the full doula labor and birth presence.

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in-home session/consultation (2 hours each session)- $90 per session

Unlimited Prenatal/Postpartum Communication and phone consult- $250

Postpartum Visit and resources- $75

Postpartum Care- $40/hour

In Home sessions

session 1:

Staying Healthy and Low risk

Trusting the Natural Birth Process

session 2:

Knowing Your Birth Options

Planning Your Birth Experience

session 3:

Succeeding at Breastfeeding

Preparing for your New Baby

Kind words

Jamie was an incredible encouragement and calming presence throughout our entire pregnancy, but especially during labor and delivery. She was attentive, supportive, full of good ideas on how to help me adjust and progress while laboring, and truly gave incredible moral support to both my husband and I during the last minutes of delivery. Because of Jamie's assistance, I was able to complete a natural unmedicated birth in an environment where I felt supported, loved, prayed for and cared for.


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Jamie is very kind, gentle, and friendly. She is professional and relatable and worked patiently with our family to create a birth plan that would meet our wants and needs. Jamie provided support and encouragement to my hubsand and me, and our first child, during the final weeks of my pregnancy. During my labor and delivery, she was a comforting presence, assisted with managing labor pains, and advocated for me having the most positive birth experience possible. She also took several pictures right after baby's birth, to help us document his first moments. We were very blessed to have hired Jamie!


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Although we took Lamaze classes and knew a few ways to help with pain naturally, Jamie was key to me surviving without pain medication for as long as I did. She helped direct my husband in how to help me while she also helped. Jamie was the perfect compliment to us. Eventually I got an epidural, but Jamie still played an essential part in my labor experience. She helped us ask questions or explained things that might come up so we could be more prepared. After our baby was born, she captured priceless moments on my phone per my request. Those moments are fleeting and hectic and these are just a nice cherry on top of having Jamie as your doula.


Get in touch with me!


phone: (502)435-2956

Facebook: JamieMckinney, Birth Doula

Instagram: @JamieMckinneyBirthDoula

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